Written translation

High-quality translation and its special features

You urgently need to translate a text, document, certificate or another type of document, but you have repeatedly encountered the problem of low-quality services in this area? Then you should definitely contact the "Translation Department" in Odessa.

"Translation Department" - We have been working in this field for more than 15 years

All of our employees are certified professionals with extensive experience and an incredible number of years of experience.Written translations come in a variety of subject matter and require a special approach. Transfer of all linguistic aspects, specific vocabulary, clear adherence to terminology and, as a result, a new text in another language that conveys all the information, meaning and style. In today’s world, not many people are up to the task.
Our translation agency provides the following translation services:

Considering the specifics of translation and the responsibility of our specialist in the translation (it can be translation of instructions for medicines, complex legal translation, rules of operation of dangerous equipment, etc.) many of our employees have a second degree in a particular field. This gives them a huge advantage when translating complex highly specialized texts, and is the key to your high-quality translation. We also provide a service of translation from audio and video into written text, which is very popular in this segment of the market.

Our unique price policy, strict observance of all the client’s requests and wishes, and the fulfillment of high-quality translation even before the deadline – these are our main advantages.

Many of us face the problem of quality translation of this or that document. There are a huge number of proposals in this segment of the market, but it is better to trust professionals.

Translation costs

The price of the translation depends directly on what the client wants to get in the end:

We discuss all the details on an individual basis, clarify all the details, and as a result you get a professional translation in a specified time at a price that will pleasantly surprise you.

We are always happy to help you with a translation quote, both online and by phone. And in our office at 21 Ekaterininskaya St., we are happy to answer all your questions, and in a comfortable atmosphere we will discuss all the details of your order.


If you have an unusual text, captions, complex instructions, descriptions, video or audio recordings, which information must be translated in written format, please contact the “Translation Department” in Odessa. For more than 15+ years, we have worked with a huge variety of sources and translated into all languages.

We accept the original text or recording in any medium or format that is convenient for you, either by e-mail or by courier delivery. Next, our specialists study the source, negotiate the details of the translation, as well as the timing of the order and immediately begin the work.

Our list of services includes such services as Glagolitic translator, translations into rare languages, website translation, subtitles, cuneiform translation and others.

It is thanks to our wide range of services and constant self-development that we guarantee unsurpassed quality of translation in the shortest possible time. The fact that we work with 10 out of 10 clients on a regular basis is an indisputable indicator of the quality of our services.

Written translation into English and dozens of other languages!

The service of translation into English is one of the most demanded today. This is due to the fact that most documentation in the modern world is in English.

If you want to be sure of the quality of a translation, its flawless execution and compliance with all the rules and regulations of translation, then you should go to the “Translation Department” in Odessa.

We follow all international requirements for translations, work as quickly as possible, and guarantee the highest level of service. Any translation of a document or text is performed by a qualified specialist and confirmed by a seal of the bureau.

You will forget about problems with translations that leave much to be desired, and get a professional service at the right price.

Written translation from Russian to English or from English to Russian, we will perform any translation in the most comfortable time for you.

A well-translated document or contract is the basis of your confidence that the document package is in order.

Interpretation and translation

Your success in negotiations, business correspondence, doing business with foreign companies directly depends on the quality of the translation. A correctly assembled package of documents means no problems when going abroad. A professional interpreter is your right hand in negotiations, and it is from him that the outcome of the meeting will depend.

Have you ever wondered why some translators keep coming back and others don’t have any clients at all?

Example: We were approached by a client who had three differently spelled surnames on her children’s birth certificates. One name was even filigreedly translated into Ukrainian. The translation was done by the same firm. We corrected this gross error (according to the international rules of translation, first and last names, names of rivers, lakes, cities, etc. are transcribed). Now she has been our regular customer for over 4 years.

With us you get the highest quality interpretation and translation services from professionals with many years of experience. Our employees will accompany you to business meetings, be there for negotiations, as well as translate documents and texts of any complexity.

Translation and interpreting are our job, and we do it with gusto.

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