Legalization of documents

"Translation Department" in Odessa will help you with the legalization of all types of documents and its features from ministries and consulates located in our country.

We perform consular legalization in all consulates of Ukraine, do notarization and apostille documents. Our experienced lawyer will advise you in case you have any questions regarding the attestation of a certain document. We have been providing services in this field for more than 15 years, we perform all kinds of translations and their legalization with high quality and quickly in the terms convenient for you.

Translation and legalization of documents in Odessa

In Ukraine and abroad, the demand for translation and legalization of documents is growing every day. This is due to the development of international relations, business development, networking with foreign partners, as well as migration of the population. Today, almost any document or certificate needs to be legally attested.

Legalization is a certain official procedure that gives the document legal force in the territory of the country where it will be provided. This procedure involves certifying the document or certificate with certain stamps, which confirm the authenticity of the document, as well as the signatures of authorized persons. It should be noted that any document is valid only in the territory of the country or state where it was issued, and when you go abroad, it must be legalized.

When going abroad for study, permanent residence, work or other reasons, you will necessarily need a translation of the main package of documents, which includes birth certificate, passport, document confirming your educational degree, certificate of criminal record, etc. Each of them must be legally certified. In our office specialists will translate all necessary documents, as well as provide a service of legalization of any documents. Our employees do not just translate the text, but always help with the correct execution of various types of questionnaires and documents.

Types of legalization

There are two types of document legalization:

The Apostille or Apostille stamp is an alternative to consular legalization, in other words, a simplified version of it. It is legally binding in the countries that are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention. There are two types: single and double. Nowadays a number of countries have concluded the agreement on the possibility of online apostilization of documents by means of the Internet and QR codes.

Consular legalization of documents is a much more complicated type, and is required mainly for the purpose of presenting documents to the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It can be held either at a foreign consulate or at an embassy. However, in most cases you have to wait a long time. This can have a significant impact on your business, deprive you of a contract, miss the deadline for applying to a foreign university, or cause other unfavorable consequences.

“Translation Department” in Odessa carries out both types of legalization in minimum time. This allows you to significantly reduce the time required to prepare a package of documents to submit them abroad. You will be free to use your diploma in the country where you want to work, make any kind of transaction, enter a higher education institution, and all your translated documents will have full legal force.

Our translation agency in Odessa performs translations in the shortest possible time:

Today we cooperate with the best lawyers, translate and interpret in all languages, legalize various kinds of documents, help you obtain the necessary certificates and advise clients on legal matters. We are always ready to provide you with all necessary documents and certificates, which give our “Translation Department” the right to provide these types of services.

The service of legalization should be taken very seriously and pay attention to all the subtleties and nuances, because. Each document implies a certain type of legalization. Therefore, this process should be entrusted to professionals. “Translation Department” in Odessa provides this service for more than 15 years. We have extensive experience and legalize all kinds of documents.

Legalization of documents in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

One of the most common types of legalization today. This is due to the fact that it covers the main types of documents that are needed to travel abroad for permanent residence, to travel to study, work, etc.

Legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is necessary for:

“Translation Department” provides legalization services for all of the above documents, and if necessary, can provide assistance in obtaining them.

When applying to the Migration Service of Ukraine for a passport, obtaining Ukrainian citizenship, registration or de-registration at the place of residence, and other issues, you will need to legalize them at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

A certificate of no criminal record is another document that is required to travel abroad for permanent residence and employment. This is due to the increase in crime around the world and a guarantee to the state that you are not hiding from justice in their territory. It also requires legalization at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our translation agency in Odessa translates all documents, helps with their legalization and correct execution. Each order is discussed individually, we take into account all the nuances and time constraints.

Legalization of documents at the Ministry of Justice

One of the ministries involved in legalization is the Ministry of Justice (Ministry of Justice). If you need to confirm the legality and authenticity of the documents issued by the notary on the territory of Ukraine, you will definitely need legalization of these documents in the Department of Notaries and Registration of Bar Associations under the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

“Translation Department” in Odessa provides services for translation of various types of legal documents, assists in their receipt, as well as provides services for their legalization in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and all regional and district offices. Our lawyer will always advise you in this area and, if necessary, will help with the paperwork.

Legalization and translation is one of the most important processes in the preparation of any document package. Any mistake can have serious consequences. We have been working in this field for more than 15 years and cooperate with many clients on an ongoing basis. Our “Translation Department” provides services to citizens who are abroad, helps with obtaining various documents, their translation and consular legalization. It also provides document apostille and other services. We guarantee high quality at affordable prices.

Legalization at the Ministry of Health

Our Translation Bureau legalizes sick lists, medical certificates and medical reports. We will always help with the legalization of these types of certificates and opinions, and if necessary, translate them into any language.

Legalization at the Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine also legalizes all official documents issued by educational institutions, institutions and organizations that operate on a state basis. Such documents are legalized as:

If you have decided to enroll in a foreign university, get a job abroad or leave for permanent residence in another country, you must prepare the above documents.

Our translation agency provides a service of legalization of all state-issued general education documents, as well as assistance in obtaining them in the relevant authorities.

Remember, legalization and high-quality translation is one of the most important processes in the preparation of any document package. Applying to the "Translation Department" in Odessa you will save yourself from queues, collecting a "thousand signatures and papers", and your package of documents will be collected at the highest level. We will collect it for you, translate and legalize it in the shortest possible time.

For more information, please call our contact phone numbers listed on our website, or come to our office at 21 Ekaterininskaya Street. We are located in the heart of Odessa.

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