Translation of Documents

Professional translation of your document means no problems with it in the future.

"Translation Department" - translation of documents in the shortest possible time by certified specialists

Our employees perform translations of various complexity and in all languages. We work with both simple documents and complex specialized literature. Documents translated in our office can always be notarized, internally stamped, or stamped “apostille”.

Many of us face the problem of quality translation of this or that document. There are a huge number of proposals in this segment of the market, but it is better to trust professionals.

Translation costs and calculator

Faced with the need to translate something, the customer often asks the question: “How much will it cost to translate the necessary package of documents or text?”

The cost of translation of documents varies. It depends primarily on the type of document. Translation of passports, marriage certificates, certificates of criminal records, birth certificates and other similar documents will cost less than translation of complex technical literature, medical articles, and other specialized literature where in-depth study of the material is required. Also, the price depends on the terms specified by the client and on additional services (notarization, apostille stamp and others). Using the calculator, you can calculate the approximate price of the required translation, but in addition you should always discuss it with our staff.

“Translation Department” in Odessa is a professional translation of documents of any complexity, in various terms at affordable prices.

Where can I get my documents translated?

In today’s world, translation services are very much in demand. This is related to doing business with various European countries, the departure of our citizens to work and study abroad, as well as moving to a permanent place of residence. All of this requires translation of key documents into the language of the country to which you are going.

Demand always creates supply. A huge number of different centers and translation bureaus have appeared on the Ukrainian market. However, not all of them have licenses, experience and qualified specialists.

When ordering a document translation, the client should always pay attention to these factors. He may ask for the appropriate licenses and certificates to make sure that the translation service provided will be done professionally. Our translation center employs certified specialists of the highest level with vast experience. We provide document translation services in all languages, in the shortest possible time and guarantee high quality of translation, both oral and written.

 "Translation Department" in Odessa - the leader in this segment of the market of services. Our customers are individuals and legal entities, as well as government agencies with which we cooperate on a permanent basis.

Are you looking for a translation of any complexity? We are ready to offer you our services. When ordering a large volume of documents there are pleasant discounts. You can contact us online, by phone, as well as come to our office. The closest transfer is the one you can make from the comfort of your own home. Contact us, and send us a package of documents by mail.

We provide a variety of document translation services

01 Written translation
02 Interpretation
03 Translations in all languages
04 Translation of basic documents and their correct execution for going to work/study/living abroad;
05 Complex technical translations
06 Literary translations and
We notarize or apostille the translated documents;

Need a professional translation of documents? - Then you to our translation center, that's for sure! Your documents will be translated by a specialist  in the deadlines set.

What do our clients who order "Translation of Documents" service want to know most often?

This is only a small part of the services provided by Translation Department. We solve these and many other issues related to your documents.

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