Trademark Registration

How to design a trademark?

Due to the rapid development of business in Ukraine and abroad demand for registration of a trademark (brand, logo) increases daily.

Today, the owners of firms that produce various goods or provide a range of services, special attention is paid to creating your own recognizable brand. Their marketing departments design and create logos, slogans, and various advertising campaigns that make their firm recognizable and unique. This is the most difficult work, which requires an investment, both intellectual and financial. Qualitatively developed brand is your individuality and uniqueness.

However, along with the positive aspects come the negative aspects - there are companies that produce or sell their products under your brand, use your slogans and logos.

So how do you protect your brand (trademark)? It is necessary to obtain the legal right to use it.

Trademarks are of the following types

When registering a TM there are also a number of restrictions: a number of words, terms and common designations, which are prohibited to use when creating a trademark.
When creating your own trademark, pay special attention to the limitations and exceptions provided by the legislation of Ukraine.
Trademark registration gives you a unique legal right to use your trademark, and no one but you has the right to produce goods under this TM. In practice, there are cases when the owner of an unregistered brand has been producing goods or providing services under this “name” for years, and when he decides to register it officially, he encounters the fact that someone (most often a competitor) has already applied for registration of this brand on his own behalf. This is why you should register your trademark as soon as possible. In this case, you will have absolutely legal grounds to sue for the use of your TM.
Please note! Obtaining a domain “ua” is possible ONLY after the registration of the trademark!

Our manager will help you find out the exact cost

When registering your trademark, you should clearly define the classes of your TM according to the ICSU (International Classification of Goods and Services).

Classification of goods:

Classification of services:

Before submitting documents for TM registration, be sure to carefully study the classification of goods and services and choose exactly those items that reflect the activities of your company.

Important: Each following CLASS is paid for separately.

The legal department of "Translation Department" in Odessa provides a full range of services for registration of a trade mark (trademark) in Ukraine:

Branding is a serious and complicated process. It consists of the following steps:

Preliminary verification of the brand. At this stage, the “uniqueness” of the trademark is examined, and it is also checked whether the application or registration of this Trademark was not filed by another person. Are there any registered TMs similar to yours, etc. This stage is very important because. gives you the opportunity to analyze the chances of successful registration, and if necessary, to maximize the refinement of TM according to the results obtained.

Filing an application for registration with the Patent Office. If the first stage was completed successfully, or you have finalized your trademark, then at the stage of filing the client must have the full package of documents required for registration of TM, as well as is required to pay all duties and fees and to prepare all statements and receipts.

Obtaining a certificate. One of the most enjoyable stages. After the commission reviews your application for TM registration, you will be issued a certificate of trademark registration. It is the proof of your legal rights to use the TM.

The certificate is issued for 10 years and is valid in Ukraine. Further, it is possible to extend the registration.

"Translation Department" in Odessa provides services for renewal of trademark registration, as well as advises on licensing, transfer of rights, TM taxation, etc.

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that the cost of registration of a trademark is calculated on an individual basis and requires a careful study of all the details.

On the territory of Ukraine there is a certain procedure for registration of Trademarks:

In this case, you get in an expedited manner a legal and unique right: to use your trademark, to sell the TM, to receive the UA domain.

Trademark and its registration in Ukraine offers you exclusive opportunities and prospects in manufacturing, sales and / or services.

The presence of its own trademark inspires consumer confidence. A trademark makes your product recognizable, differentiates and distinguishes it from similar products. And generates interest and makes your product unique.

Important! Any Trademark registered on the territory of Ukraine is protected only by the State of Ukraine.

To date, it is impossible to determine a single fixed cost of registration of a trademark in Ukraine. This is due to the fact that each case is unique in its own way. Species, classes, and other nuances require different documents, signatures, etc.

We are waiting for you in the office of Translation Department, located at 21 Ekaterininskaya St., where you can discuss all the details and the registration of your brand with our lawyers, as well as learn the cost of this procedure specifically in your case.

International trademark registration

If your business involves cooperation and export of goods outside of our country, you should think about international registration of the trademark. This type of TM registration opens to its owner the possibility to carry out activities in other countries on an absolutely legal basis.

International trademark registration can be done in two ways:

If you need to register a trademark in one or more states, you can choose the first way.

If your business involves doing business in a large number of countries, then it is definitely better to apply for an international trademark registration.

The Madrid system allows you to register your TM on the territory of 97 countries simultaneously with a single application.

It is worth noting that applying for an international registration is a process that requires the utmost accuracy and the correct completion of each document. The slightest mistake, misspelled punctuation, etc. may result in a denial of registration.

To avoid undesirable consequences in the form of rejection, you should entrust the paperwork to professionals.

Specialists of the legal department of “Translation Department” in Odessa for more than 10 years engaged in registration of trademarks in Ukraine and abroad. Extensive experience in drawing up documents, compliance with all the requirements and nuances practically reduces the rate of refusals to registration to zero.

Many of our clients work with us on a permanent basis.

"Translation Department" in Odessa provides services for renewal of trademark registration, as well as advises on licensing, renewal, transfer of rights, TM taxation, etc.

We are waiting for you in our office, where we will discuss all the details of registration of trademark, brand, mark in Ukraine and abroad in a cozy atmosphere.

Entrust TM registration to professionals!

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