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Urgent translation of documents, powers of attorney, certificates, certificates, scientific papers and much more!Apostille, lawyer and notarization.

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Why customers choose us

“Translation Department” is a certified translation agency of Ukraine. We have more than 15 years of experience with translations, all our employees are certified specialists, and we have all the licenses and certificates that guarantee the quality of our services.We are approached by many government agencies, which have been our clients for many years. We cooperate with the best notaries of the city, working in strictly specified by the client terms, have proven themselves as years of proven specialists. By contacting our office, you will become our regular customer.

Apostille, Lawyer, Notary Public, Translation of Documents

We solve any legal questions arising from our clients. We translate documents of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Technical translation

Technical translation is currently one of the most in-demand. This is due to the sheer volume of technical information that needs to be translated into the customer’s language every day.

Our technical translation agency employs interpreters with extensive experience in technical translation in various fields of production, which ensures a clear and competent translation in any technical field.

In order to improve the quality of the translation, we sometimes involve current experts in the field, thanks to whom we observe the subject vocabulary. Our translations always meet the strict standards of technical translation.

Technical Translation Agency in Odessa performs

Professional technical translation guarantees correct and long-term operation of the equipment, as well as compliance with all technological standards and processes for which even the smallest nuances are important.

Every day we are approached by new customers, who over time become regulars!

Our experienced specialists are currently working with translations into all languages. This ensures that the “Translation Department” has a high competitiveness in the translation market.

We work with all file formats and various media, We can translate any type of text, from birth certificates and, to complex medical or technical documentation. Our specialists work with drawings, various projects, technical passports, references, and many other text sources.

If you are looking for a translation agency for German, English, Polish, French, Latvian, Georgian, Czech, and other languages, then you to us!

We carry out orders in a strictly specified time and never make you wait our client. Experienced notaries will always legally correct the documents you need. It is these and other qualities that help our The translation bureau remains a leader in this market of services.

The cost of our services

The price policy in our Translation Department is very democratic and depends on the type of document to be translated.Please note that the site provides a calculator service, so you can always calculate the approximate cost of the required translation yourself.The prices in our translation agency are affordable to everyone. We work with high quality, carry out orders within the specified time, do it so that the client does not have to remake our work. Thanks to this, many of our clients come to us for the second time and become regulars. Our “Translation Department” is recommended to acquaintances, business partners and friends because of the quality of our services and price policy.If you urgently need the services of an interpreter, please contact our Translation Bureau. We have more than 15 years of experience and qualified employees, so we guarantee a high-quality translation in the shortest possible time.

Translation Bureau - Translation Department

Here you will find all the necessary information related to the translation of texts, various documents, contracts, financial statements and other types of documentation. You can also learn about the additional services we provide on the page of our Translation Bureau.

Our employees translate into all languages of the world and work with all kinds of texts. The agency employs interpreters who specialize in narrow fields (medical translation, technical translation, IT translation, etc.).

The nearest translation agency is "Translation Department".

When you need a document translated, notarized, or some other service, we always look for a translation agency near your home. It’s convenient, fast and affordable. Thus, we save our precious time. Just to save your time, you can contact us online, send a package of documents by mail, or other convenient way for you. Our employees will translate your document package or text in a convenient time, and you will only need to pick up the finished translation.

Our translation agency is located in the center of Odessa, at 21 Ekaterininskaya Street, office 34. You can always come to our office to discuss the details of translation, clarify the cost and timing. Our staff will be happy to answer all your questions, tell you the list of services rendered, help you with advice on processing documents.

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