Professional apostilization of your document means no problems with it in the future.

Document apostilization

Produced in order to give them legal force in the country where they will be presented.

All documents must be translated into the official language of the country in which they will be presented and apostilled or certified at the consulate.

Today this procedure is performed by notaries and ministries of Ukraine.

When ordering a document translation with us, you can additionally order the apostille service in a short time at a reasonable price.

Cost of apostille

The Apostille stamp in Ukraine is affixed by three main agencies

Each of these ministries certifies only those documents that are within their jurisdiction.

The price of this service varies. It depends on the deadlines in force at each of the above government agencies.

Have you heard the phrase: "Apostille urgently"? It's about our "Translation Department"

Everyone who has ever gathered a package of documents to travel abroad for work, study or permanent residence, with the exception of tourism, is faced with the fact that each document is checked thoroughly.

All these documents must not only be translated, but also have legal value and be properly executed, so that the state services of the host country do not have any additional questions.

It is these documents that you must put an apostille stamp on. Only then will they have legal value for the country of entry. These rules exist in order to avoid falsification of various documents and illegal travel abroad.

Apostille the translation and/or copy of your birth certificate, your diploma and other documents and be sure that your documents are now legally valid!

We don't just translate! We advise and assist our clients in any way we can with their documents.

When translating any package of documents, our staff offers to put an apostille stamp on those documents where it is required. Rich experience in translations, frequent work with various documents, constant monitoring of all laws and amendments to translation requirements and rules helps us work efficiently and with high quality. Applying to us, you can always count on high-quality translation in a short time, certified by a notary!

Translation and legalization of documents in Odessa

In Ukraine and abroad, the demand for translation and legalization of documents is growing every day. This is due to the development of international relations, business development, networking with foreign partners, as well as migration of the population. Today, almost any document or certificate needs to be legally attested.

Legalization is a certain official procedure that gives the document legal force in the territory of the country where it will be provided. This procedure involves certifying the document or certificate with certain stamps, which confirm the authenticity of the document, as well as the signatures of authorized persons. It should be noted that any document is valid only in the territory of the country or state where it was issued, and when you go abroad, it must be legalized.

When going abroad to study, live permanently, work or for any other reason, you will necessarily need a translation of the main package of documents, which includes your birth certificate, passport, document confirming your degree of education, certificate of criminal record, etc. Each of them must be legally certified. In our office specialists will translate all necessary documents, as well as provide a service of legalization of any documents. Our employees do not just translate the text, but always help with the correct execution of various types of questionnaires and documents.

"Translation Department" in Odessa - the leader in this segment of the market of services. Our customers are individuals and legal entities, as well as government agencies with which we cooperate on a permanent basis.

Document Apostille

When going abroad: for training, work, permanent residence and other reasons, you need to provide a package of documents in that country, which will be legally binding. There are several ways to legalize documents. In the countries that have signed the Hague Convention (128 countries) the most convenient way is the Apostille stamp.

It is much easier for the client to get this stamp than consular legalization. The stamp is affixed to both the originals and certified copies of the main ministries of Ukraine in the short term. This makes it much easier for you to gather the documents you need to travel. An apostille of a document is your guarantee that it is legally valid in another country.

Apostille at the notary

For a long time, three ministries of Ukraine had the right to put an apostille stamp: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Justice.

However, on March 7, 2020, an order amending the procedure for affixing an apostille on official documents came into force. This order greatly simplified the task of legalizing translations and documents. According to it, the apostille stamp can now be affixed by a notary. These changes were made in order to better serve the citizens of Ukraine. Now the translation of your documents can be legalized with an apostille stamped by a notary.

Still looking for where to put an apostille urgently?

This is only a small part of the services provided by Translation Department. We solve these and many other issues related to your documents.

The Apostille stamp is the modern level of legalization of documents when they are submitted to countries that have signed the Hague Convention. The Translation Department provides this service both routinely and on an urgent basis. Any document: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of no criminal record, higher education diploma, death certificate and others, when submitted abroad must be translated and apostilled. It is this stamp that is the legalization of the document. If you urgently need an apostille stamp, we will do it as quickly as possible.

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