Simultaneous Interpretation

"Translation Department" in Odessa provides specialists in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, with many years of experience in this field.

It is incredibly difficult and difficult to translate in sync. Often the simultaneous interpreting professionals change every 20 minutes and work in pairs or even threesomes. After a day of such work, a specialist can recover for a day, or even more. It has to do with the highest concentration and tension.

There are several types of simultaneous interpretation:

If you have long been looking for a specialist simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, or you need a professional interpretation and translation, we welcome you to our office at 21 Ekaterininskaya Street in the heart of Odessa.

The price for translation services directly depends on the type of translation, language and specialization. Despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive services on the translation market, it has a number of advantages: speaking time is reduced, translation can be done simultaneously in several languages, there are no pauses that affect the audience’s attention.

We provide interpreters with extensive experience in the field and guarantee you high quality translations at the best price. Each order we negotiate individually and take into account all the wishes of the customer. Simultaneous interpreting in the modern world is used by politicians, businessmen, scientists and many public figures. Therefore, the demand for such specialists is very high. Considering that the price of an interpreter’s mistake can have irreversible consequences, we are constantly improving the level of training of our specialists.

The cost of simultaneous interpretation services is always much higher than consecutive and other types of translation. Our specialists always prepare for the upcoming translation in advance by studying the subject matter of the upcoming work. Sometimes it takes up to several days. A professional synchronizer always takes into account the audience with which he will be working and adapts the text to the audience. He has to win the listener’s attention and trust, and that’s quite difficult.

When calculating the cost of translation, we always take into account the subject matter, type and language of the translation. With constant cooperation we have a system of discounts. You set the deadline – we fulfill your order.

Our "Translation Department" employs interpreters with many years of experience. This:

Each order of our customers we negotiate individually. We cooperate on a permanent basis and guarantee the highest quality of our services.
Our goal is to provide any type of translation at a highly professional level, so that you become our regular customer.

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