Visa Registration

Visa: How do I apply for a visa? What documents are required? What are the terms for which it is issued?

These questions are faced by foreign nationals planning to enter the territory of Ukraine. Everyone has different travel goals: business, education, permanent residence, transit, tourism, medical treatment, personal circumstances and others.

Today there are a number of countries whose citizens can stay on the territory of Ukraine without a visa, but for the citizens of many countries visa is required when entering Ukraine.

In the “Department of Translation” in Odessa work experienced immigration lawyers who will help you save time and money when applying for a visa. Extensive experience and knowledge of all the nuances associated with this process, make it possible to issue a visa in the shortest possible time.

Registration of visas for foreign nationals. Documents.

There are visas for foreign nationals:

That is why, first of all, you should determine the purpose and period of your stay in Ukraine in order to determine the type of visa you need.

In order to receive any of the three types of visas, a foreigner must submit documents that confirm the legal basis for his stay in Ukraine. It is also necessary to fill out the application form correctly when applying for a visa.

Legal Department of “Translation Department” provides services for the collection of a full package of documents for a visa, filling out the form correctly, payment of all taxes and fees.

Each document package is unique in its own way. And it depends on its correct execution directly depends on whether the answer will be positive, or you will get a waiver.

If you have decided on the purpose of the visit and the period of stay in Ukraine, you will need the following documents to obtain a visa:

This is a list of basic documents, but each type of visa implies additional documents.

Study visa for foreign citizens (student visa)

Every year hundreds of foreign citizens enter our country for the purpose of education. They need to apply for a study (student) visa. This visa belongs to the type “D” – long-term visa, and requires a certain package of documents for its processing.

In addition to the basic documents, an ORIGINAL APPLICATION FOR TRAINING is required for the issuance of the study visa. This is an official document issued by the institution in which you will be studying. It is he who officially confirms the legality of your stay on the territory of Ukraine.

Lawyers of the “Translation Department” in Odessa have been helping with this visa for more than a year. They will help in the shortest possible time with collecting all documents, correctly filling out the form, and paying all fees and charges. The rejection rate in this case will be minimal, and you will save your time and effort.

Our legal department works quickly, qualitatively, and the fee for services will pleasantly surprise you!

It should be noted that when obtaining a student visa, a foreign national is required to draw up papers for temporary residence. Also, foreign students must make a temporary registration in Ukraine.

Visa extension for foreigners

What should you do if your visa is about to expire and you cannot leave the country due to certain circumstances?

There are a number of reasons for extending your stay in Ukraine:

The application for visa extension shall be submitted not later than three working days before the expiry date of the current visa to the territorial authorities.

The legal department of “Translation Department” assists with the collection of documents, their submission to the SMS, as well as representing the interests of the Client.

Thus, our lawyers draw up the whole package of documents, and represent your interests in the relevant authorities.

You only need to submit basic documents, and then our specialists will work.

Migration Lawyers of Translation Department will help with visa processing in the shortest possible time.

The visa process is important and responsible. Gathering documents, filling out the form, paying the fees takes your time and effort, and an incorrectly filled out form or incomplete package of documents means a visa denial. Given all of these factors, it is better to entrust your documents to professionals.

For more information, please contact us by phone, e-mail, or come to our office at 21 Ekaterininskaya Street in the center of Odessa.

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