Website translation

Professional translation of websites into a foreign language usually implies not only accurate translation of the website (webpage, HTML page) text (content), but also localization thereof, i.e. adaptation for the content to be best perceived by the foreign-speaking target audience. That is why native speakers of a given language are sometimes engaged for stylistically accurate and “real-life” quality translation of websites into the foreign language and further editing thereof. They are well familiar with cultural, ethnic and social features of the future readership of the resource, as well as dialect-specific and some informal peculiarities of the target language. Website translation and localization are often associated with ethnic language adaptation of certain interface elements (for instance, when translating measurement units, dialling codes, dates, time of the day, alphabetical sorting, etc. into a foreign language, a translator should take into account specific features of certain regional standards).

Department of Translations can assist you in the following:

  • translation of text elements of the interface: menu, titles, links, button captions, guestbook, message boards, etc.;
  • translation of text on graphic elements of the website interface, such as pictograms, graphic menu buttons, photos, banners, pictures, logos, flash objects, etc.;
  • translation of the hidden code: HTML-code, scripts, meta-tags, etc.

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