Oil And Gas Translation

Technical translation in oil and gas field implies work with the following documentation:

  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Translation of insurance policies referring to oil and gas field
  • Translation of the international oil and gas standards and their adaptation for Ukrainian manufactures
  • Translation and adaptation of weight and volume measurement systems (for example barrels to tons)
  • Translation of oil and gas equipment drawings in different formats (AutoCAD, PowerPoint)
  • Translation of documents concerning oil and gas field development
  • Translation of documentation concerning well operation and methods of increasing production volume
  • Translation of documents concerning collection, transportation and storage of oil and gas
  • Translation of documents concerning building of compressor stations and pipelines
  • Translation of assembly and operation manuals for oil and gas equipment
  • Translation of documents concerning safety, maintenance and repair of oil and gas equipment
  • Translation of business and legal documents in oil and gas field.

Department of Translations renders services on oil and gas translation and interpretation in such areas as development of project documentation, construction of drilling sites, building of gas and oil pipelines, construction of oil stations and other areas. Translation is carried out from English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabian, Chinese, Korean, Turkmen, Azerbaijani and other European and Oriental languages, languages of the CIS countries.

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