Legal translation

Legal translation from/to foreign languages is one of the specializations of our Department in the field of written translations. Legal translation is a considerably difficult and specific type of text translation that lays a range of demands to translators’ professionalism.

In our Department of Translations legal translation is done by highly qualified legal translators with a long-term experience having legal education in addition to the major one and also the knowledge of international relations. Our specialists of legal translation are well acquainted not only with general legal vocabulary and the foundations of legislation but also with the specificity of different branches of international law.

We take orders for legal translation of documents of different complexity, any type and size.

The list of documents ordered for legal translation more often than not, is as follows:

  • standard legal acts of the state: (laws, decrees, resolutions, rules);
  • local standard legal acts: (rules, regulations, statutes);
  • constituent documents: (articles of association, foundation agreements, decisions, registration certificates);
  • contracts and agreements: (work contracts, contracts, contracts of delivery, purchase and sale agreements, tenancy agreements, license agreements, lease contracts);
  • support documentation: (licenses, powers of attorney, certificates, permits);
  • court documents: (statements of claim, complaints, petitions, decisions, resolutions, decrees);

At customer’s request we can notarize the legal translation of the document.

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