Our translation bureau also offers services of professional guide-interpreters. All our employees working in this field have degrees in history and museum management and have a vast experience in giving tours not only in Kyiv and Odessa, but other Ukrainian cities as well. Guide-interpreter’s services are used when dealing with a large scope of verbal material. Information is given directly in a foreign language, which is very time-saving. Special tours are also possible. That is when a tour is dedicated to a specific topic and requires thorough knowledge of the subject. Personal interpreter made available for you by the Department of Translations as a guide will not only take you on well-known tourist trails listed in standard travel guides, but will develop a special tour based on your wishes in order to visit little-known yet picturesque sites popular among the locals.

To book guide-interpreter’s services please contact us by phone: +38 048 722 24 00; +38 048 728 48 88, or email:

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