Business And Financial Translation

Any successfully developing company, dealing with foreign partners can’t manage without translation of business documentation. Modern bookkeeping and standards of economic activity of enterprises imply an active circulation of documents, that’s why business translation covers a large stratum of documentation.

We render high quality services concerning business translation and have a considerable work experience in such branches of economics and finances, as:

  • tax and financial reporting;
  • management and marketing;
  • banking;
  • controlling;
  • management accounts;
  • financial account and control;
  • financial statements (including documents drawn up in accordance with international financial reporting standards IFRS);
  • bank documentation;
  • auditor’s reports;
  • business-plans;
  • tender documentation;
  • statistic data;
  • invoices;
  • marketing research (mass media analysis, social surveys (questionnaire poll), internal corporate investigations, efficiency index analysis);
  • other documents;

We involve only high class translators in the work on translation of business and financial documents, who have economic education and many years’ work experience in dealing with business documents.

All original documents and translation thereof are commercial secret. A standard contract of our company includes a confidentiality clause. At customer’s request he/she can enter into an additional non-disclosure agreement.

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