Нотариальное заверение

Entrust the translation of your documents to professionals and get a high-quality result, because You have to present them to various bodies who do not turn a blind eye to mistakes.

Notarized translation

What is a notarized translation? Why do you need to certify the translation with a notary and how much will it cost? Almost everyone who faced the need to translate important documents asked these or similar questions.

Notarized translation is a special type of translation in which a notary certifies the translation with their own seal, confirming the authenticity of the translator's seal. This type of translation is carried out only by a qualified specialist.

It should be remembered that the notary's seal confirms the authenticity of the translator's seal, but not the correctness of the translation. That is why when contacting a translation agency in Ukraine, in Odessa in particular, you should always pay attention to the experience, qualifications and professionalism of translators.

Notary fees

The price for notarization of a translation (translation of documents with notarization) is set depending on the type of document. Any document, for example:

Translation of birth certificate;
Translation of marriage certificate;
Translation of certificate of good conduct

and other types of documents can be used as an official source of information or data only if they have been notarized.

Urgent notarized translation in the "Department of Translations"

Time limits have become an important factor almost everywhere. This also have impacted translation services.

Each of us in the modern world is faced with a problem: "Urgent!"

Urgently, quickly, with the highest quality and, on a compulsory basis, this must be the translation of documents and their certification by a notary, and / or an apostille seal. These are the basic requirements of our clients. Our translation bureau guarantees the fulfillment of these conditions.

We work with the best notaries in the city, we carry out an extremely precise translation. That is why, if You need an urgent notarized translation You should refer to the Department of Translation.

If You are looking for certified translations near Your home, if you do not have enough time to get to the other end of the city, our translation bureau is Your salvation
We accept orders online , we advise You both by phone and by text messages. You choose a convenient way for You to send the necessary documents, and we translate them at the most convenient time for You. Our notary will notarize all translated documents. We also provide the service of affixing apostille, urgent translation and others.

With the advent of the Internet era, notarized translation can be ordered without leaving your home!

So that our customers can estimate the approximate cost of services, on   our website the Calculator « is available »

You choose a convenient way for You to translate documents to our employees. Notarized translation within the shortest possible period of time!

Our manager will help you find out the exact cost of notarization

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Any translation has no legal value if it is not certified by a notary

When translating any document, it should be clarified, what kind of certification is required by the receiving body. Also, it should be remembered that it is always better to translate into the state language of the country where it will be presented.

According to statistics, today the most requested types of documents in the "Department of Translations" are:

  • Notarized translation of birth certificate
  • Notarized translation of marriage certificate
  • Notarized translation of certificate
  • Notarized translation of certificate of good conduct
  • Notarized translation of children’s birth certificates
  • Notarized translation of divorce certificate

Our translation bureau has been on the market for over 15 years. We provide both oral and written translations. We work with all languages. Our rich experience in working with documents allows us to clearly and correctly translate documents of any complexity. In most cases, our specialists will always help the client to clarify, how exactly one or another document should be certified, according to the requirements of different countries.

 « Department of Translations » in Odessa is a leader in this segment of the services market. Our customers – are individuals and legal entities, as well as government bodies with which we cooperate on an ongoing basis.

Notarized translation into English

Based on the experience of our translation bureau, which is active more than 15 years in this field, we can say for sure that the most common translation language is English.

It is followed by other European languages, but translation of documents into English and their notarization is the most sought-after. We provide this service as often as possible, we also make different types of notarized powers of attorney in English. Our specialists strictly follow the established rules of translation and its execution, therefore, we are sure that you will not have any problems with these documents in the future.

Notarized translation from Ukrainian into Russian

Despite the fact that in our country there is a certain percentage of Russian-speaking people, all official documentation must be provided in Ukrainian.

Any notarized translation for our government bodies must be in Ukrainian. However, when submitting documents on the territory of the Russian Federation, and a number of other countries, all official documents require translation into Russian. Also, for a number of documents, you may additionally require notary services and an Apostille stamp.

Our specialists carry out not only the notarized translation of documents from Ukrainian into Russian, but also such translations as, for example, a notarized translation from Georgian into Russian, and other translations.

Notarized translation of documents into German

According to statistics, in Ukraine, especially in Kiev, Odessa and a number of other cities, translation of documents into German is in great demand. It is one of the five most demanded translations on the Ukrainian market. At the request of the client, the "Department of Translations" provides both oral translation and written translation into German. The entire package of translated documents can be notarized and apostilled.

We work with all kinds of documents, from birth certificates to complex technical documents and important commercial presentations. All translation orders are carefully discussed with our staff, and the cost is negotiated individually. You can calculate the approximate rates using the online calculator on our website.

Our manager will help you find out the exact cost of affixing apostille

As soon as You have collected a complete package of documents required for translation, as well as clarified how exactly they need to be certified, You can send them either by e-mail, or by courier, or come yourself. Our employees will calculate the full cost of the translation, taking into account the type of certification and the time frame in which it must be completed.

Experience shows that it is more convenient for You to make one translation of the main document (for example, a passport or birth certificate) and after that notarize it and its copies. This is due to the fact that A birth certificate is a document without a validity period, and its translation, as well, doesn’t have it. The passport also has a long validity period, so notarized copies of documents will help You out more than once!

Think over and prepare a clear list of documents that you need to translate, and also analyze where you may need copies of them in the future! Think about it now - and you will save yourself from many problems with documents in the future!

The specialists of our office in Odessa will quickly and efficiently translate documents, and our notaries will certify all translations and copies with the necessary seals and stamps!


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