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Where you can get a diploma translated?

A diploma of education is an official document confirming the level of Your education and academic degree. When filling out a resume or CV, you always indicate your education and confirm this with diplomas and certificates of various types.

When traveling abroad for permanent residence, on a work visa, for getting education, or for any other reason, You will need a diploma translation. It is it which confirms the degree of Your education in a particular area. The translation of the diploma must be carried out by a professional and notarized, or according to the requirements of the party where it will be presented.

Our Department performs translation diplomas into all languages . However, the most sought-after languages today are European ones. This is due to the large number of trips of our citizens for studying and work abroad. The level of migration of the population affects as well..


What conditions are to be observed when ordering a service " Translation of a diploma "?

When translating a diploma of education, for example, into English, or other foreign languages, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • 1. The translation of the customer's full name must completely match the translation of the customer's full name in the passport or other identity card of the customer (for example, a driver's license)
  • 2. Each seal and inscription on the diploma must be translated into English or another language of the host country.
  • 3. All grades in a diploma must be correctly placed in accordance with the original
  • 4. A diploma supplement is also translated in accordance with all the rules and requirements for translation
  • 5. Translation of a diploma and its annex is usually notarized. However, there are a number of cases when a different type of certification is required. This is to be negotiated separately

Если If you need to translate your diploma into English, Czech, Italian, Polish and other languages, please contact our bureau of translations in Odessa . We have been working in the translation market for over fifteen years.

The best lawyers and notaries of the city cooperate with us. That is why any of your documents will be translated clearly, correctly, notarized, and if you wish, you can additionally get legal advice.

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Our manager will help you find out the exact cost of the translation


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