Professional service of Apostille affixing to your document means no problems with it in the future.

Apostille affixing to your document

It is made for the purpose of giving them legal force in the country where they will be represented..

All documents are to be translated into the state language of the country in which they will be presented and apostilled or certified by the consulate.

Today this procedure is carried out by notaries and ministries of Ukraine.

When ordering translation of documents from us, you can additionally order a service of Apostille affixing in a short time at an affordable price.

Apostille cost

The Apostille stamp in Ukraine is affixed by three main institutions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Education and Science
Ministry of Justice

Each of these ministries certifies only those documents which are in their institution

The price for this service varies. It depends on the performance time limits in force in each of the above government agencies

Have you ever noticed the phrase: " Urgent Apostille "? It's about our "Department of translations "

Everyone who has ever collected a package of documents for going abroad to work, study or permanent residence, except for tourism, has come across the fact that each document is checked thoroughly.

  • Correctly completed application form (in the language of the country where it is presented to)
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Child's birth certificate
  • Diploma of education
  • Certificate of change of surname
  • Divorce certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Employment history
  • and other documents... .

All these documents should not only be translated, but also им have legal value, be correctly executed , so that no additional questions arise in the services of the receiving state.

It is on these documents that you must affix the apostille stamp. Only in this case they will have legal value for the country of entry. These rules exist in order to avoid forging various documents and illegal travel abroad.

Affix postille to the translation and / or a copy of the birth certificate, your diploma and other documents and be sure - your documents are now legally binding!

We don't just translate! We advise and provide any possible assistance with documents to our clients.
When preparing a translation of any package of documents, our employees offer to affix an apostille stamp on those documents where it is needed. Rich experience in translations, frequent work with various documents, constant monitoring of all laws and amendments to the requirements and rules for translations helps us to work efficiently and to the highest standard. When contacting us, you can always count on a high-quality translation in a short time, certified by a notary!

So that our customers can estimate the approximate cost of services, on   on our website « the Calculator is available»

You choose a convenient way for you to transfer documents to our employees, we affix the APOSTILLE Stamp as soon as possible!

Our manager will help you find out the exact cost of apostille affixing

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Translation cost and calculator

Is it enough to translate a package of basic documents when going to work or studying abroad? Unfortunately not! Any document, when presented to the state authorities of another country, must be certified. After signing the The Hague Convention , the participating countries made it easier to legalize documents with the Apostille stamp. According to the requirements of this convention, the apostille is placed on the translation of documents which have been issued: by the prosecutor's office, court, notaries, registry office . However, you cannot apostille commercial documents, including customs documents.

If you want Your package of documents to be ideally executed when traveling abroad, then order a quality translation with apostille from professionals. We translate into the most common languages: English, German, Italian, French, Czech, and into the languages of other countries participating in the convention.

Our employees have been working with such packages of documents for more than 15 years. We will carry out the translation correctly, affix the Apostille stamp and, if necessary, help with advice on general execution of documents.

 « Translation Department » '' in Odessa - the leader in this segment of the services market. Our customers – are individuals and legal entities, as well as government agencies with which we cooperate on an ongoing basis.

Apostyle of document

When traveling abroad: for study, work, permanent residence and for other reasons, you need to provide in that country a package of documents which will be legally binding. There are several ways to legalize documents. In the countries that which signed the Hague Convention (128 countries), the most convenient way is the Apostille stamp.

It is much easier for a client to affix this stamp than consular legalization. The stamp is affixed both on the originals and on certified copies by the main ministries of Ukraine in a short time. This makes it much easier for you to collect the documents required for departure. Affixing Apostille to a document is your guarantee that it is legally binding on the territory of another state.

Affixing Apostille at a notary

For a long time, three ministries of Ukraine had the right to affix the Apostille stamp: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Justice.

However, on March 7, 2020, an order came into force on amending the procedure for affixing apostille on official documents. This order greatly facilitated the task of legalizing translations and documents. According to it, apostille stamp can now be affixed by a notary. These changes were made in order to more efficiently serve the citizens of Ukraine. Now the translation of Your documents can be legalized by way of affixing apostille stamp by a notary.

Our manager will help you find out the exact cost of apostille affixing

You are still guessing for where to put affix apostille to your documents as soon an possible?

It is only a small part of the services provided by the "Department of Translations". We solve these and many other issues related to your documents.

Apostille Stamp - is a modern level of legalization of documents when they are submitted in countries which have signed the Hague Convention. Department of Translation provides this service, both in the usual mode and on an urgent basis. Any document: birth certificate, marriage certificate, сertificate of good conduct, diploma of higher education, death certificate and others, when presented abroad, must be translated and apostilled. It is this stamp that makes it possible to legalize documents. If you urgently need to put an Apostille stamp, we will do it as quickly as possible


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