«Department of translations» — self dependent organization working in the translation market for over 15 years

We will provide all necessary services: interpretation and translation, apostille, legalization of documents, and notarial services for the certification of documents

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"Department of translations" — translation agency in Odessa with qualified translators with extensive practical experience

Our translation agency offers you the services of qualified translators both for solving problems related to translation and for successful business with foreign partners in Ukraine and abroad at all stages of your business.

We professionalize in the field of oral and written translations from / into any foreign languages, texts of any level of complexity, with subsequent notarization.



Urgent interpretation and translation of documents of any complexity and volume. Qualified translators

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Bringing the documents to a standard form. Urgent apostilization of documents with translation

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Notarization and legalization of documents. Urgent notarization of documents with translation

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Legal services. Legal advice on any issue. The attorney's services

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So why do our customers trust us?

We offer specialists in the field of law and translation for your business!

In modern world, experience is the most important thing. Due to many years of experience in the provision of translation agency services, as well as legal services, our staff has a large number of professionals who know their job perfectly.

  • Translation of the documents
  • Legalization of the documents
  • Notarization of the documents
  • Apostilization of the documents
  • Translators
  • Lawyers
  • Attorneys
  • Notaries
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If you need professionals, "Department of translations" - is a right choice!

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We put your documents in order

Urgent translation of documents, powers of attorney, certificates, scientific papers and much more!

Apostille, attorney and notarization.