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About Us

Training Centre affiliated with the Department of Translations is engaged in development and implementation of unique training programs in foreign languages for various target groups, tailored for each client depending on their requirements, practical necessity and nature of activity.

Why you should choose us:

  • right from the beginning you will be able to start speaking the foreign language you are learning, thanks to communication techniques applied in our Training Centre;
  • students achieve maximum results in minimum time;
  • individual approach to every client;
  • easy for comprehension, dynamic presentation of training material in the homely atmosphere in the class;
  • our instructors offer unique training programs, based on your suggestions, nature of your business, and current language skills;
  • we focus on practical skills necessary for immediate and successful communication with foreign colleagues;
  • available group trips to the country, where the specific language is spoken, study courses in those countries;
  • attending communication clubs with native speakers of the given language;
  • weekend training courses available.

How to find us:

  1. 1. apply for an interview by phone: 728-48-88, 711-78-88, 093 3621499 or send an inquiry to (with reference to time convenient for you)
  2. 2. check your language skills for free (in our office at 21, Ekaterininskaya St.)
  3. 3. start the training program.



  • for adults;
  • for children;
  • preparation for international exams – IELTS and TOEFL, Cambridge exams - FCE, BEC, CAE, CPE;
  • Business English
  • English for Lawyers
  • English for Tourism
  • English for Seamen
  • Professional preparation for an interview.








Professional development plan for teachers;

Professional training for tourist guides.


Mode of study

Training in mini-groups (2 to 10 people) or individual lessons on the premises of our Training Centre. Training on the client’s premises is available for corporate clients.


Upon completion of the training course all students of the Department of Translations obtain a certificate from our Training Centre, as well as a certificate from the Association of Translators and Philologists. This Certificate confirms completion of a training program level with reference to your score in the final test.

You will need the above Certificate for:

  • Employment,
  • admission to international and foreign institutions of higher education,
  • your CV.

Discount for Students

Our Training Centre offers a flexible discount system:

  • transfer to higher level of training -10% discount;
  • for students studying 2 foreign languages at a time - 10% discount;
  • family discount - 10%.

Contact Us

International Training Centre is located at 21, Ekateriniskaya St.

Phone: 728-48-88, 711-78-88, 093 3621499



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